Sahara desert morocco

Sahara desert morocco

Erg Chebbi, the giant dune that most tourists seek out when trekking to the Sahara in Morocco, is one of the most remarkable things I have ever seen. The complete silence that greets you in the desert, and the way you can truly lose yourself in sand that stretches as far as the eye can see, is incredible.

Sahara desert morocco The sand in the Sahara Desert is the that softest I have found–no beach or desert that I have ever been to before can compare: this was akin to sitting on velvet or running your hands through water. It is so soft.

And, the stars–don’t get me started on the stars. I have been to some fairly remote places, but the Sahara Desert is about as dark as it gets: when the sun went down, the sky utterly erupted with more stars than I thought it could hold, complete with a crystal-clear view of the milky way.

Sahara desert morocco To add to the ambiance, we trekked to our campsite by camel at sunset, and then out again at sunrise. It sounds romantic to do it that way (and it was)–but really, I’m pretty sure the sunset/sunrise schedule has more to do with shielding the tourists from the heat than anything else.

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